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(One Tambour Hook Holder and One Medium Hook – £10)

Tambour HookOriginally the tambour hook was used solely to produce a chain stitch for  surface decoration and was, and still is used, to produce needle made lace such as Coggeshall lace, Limerick lace, Ayrshire Work, and Lier lace. It can also be used  for applique, couching threads and cords, quilting and satin stitch.

In the 1800s Louis Ferry a workroom manager for the House of Bonnechaux  in Luneville in France  started to use the tambour hook for the application of beads and sequins resulting in the French Crochet du Luneville.  This technique has become the technique of choice for couturiers and costumiers.

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Includes simple instructions for the basic Tambour stitch.


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