Would you like to learn tambour beading and embroidery?

If you are wondering how the tambour bead embroidery and embroidery in the photo gallery is done and would like to learn, why not come along to a class.  Be careful though as once you start you will find it hard to stop.  With a simple piece of fabric and a variety of beads you will learn how to create beautiful, textural beading and embroidery using a craft that has for a long time been the secret of the couturiers.

Tambour bead embroidery and tambour embroidery is without a doubt a beautiful craft.  Once the simple, basic technique is mastered the design possibilities are as endless as your own imagination.  It is a most satisfying and rewarding craft.  If you learn to tambour you will be able to create stunning bead embroidery which will make even the simplest garment or accessory eye-catching and unique.

If you want to learn tambour bead embroidery and embroidery as a hobby or you would like to develop the skills that you learn with me into a career I will happily pass on my knowledge to you.  I will show you and guide you through all the basic stages of learning to tambour.  I will introduce you to the techniques which will help you to develop the expertise of tambour beading and tambour embroidery and lead you on to the more technically advanced skills.

Tuition is one to one in my own home.

  • Each day course lasts for 5 hours, times to suit you. You will learn at your own pace.  Tuition can be tailor made to your needs.
  • All you have to do is bring lots of enthusiasm and a little patience.
  • Tuition is £20 per hour with a minimum of a 4 hour booking.
  • If you  have a tambour hook  don’t forget to bring it with you.  If not I have some for sale.
  • I will provide all the equipment, threads, beads and sequins that you will need for the day.
  • Some beads, sequins and diamante are available for you to purchase for your own projects.

Stage one

This is the start of your journey into tambour beading and tambour embroidery.  Once you start you will be thoroughly absorbed by this versatile and satisfying craft.  With the skills that I will introduce you to you’ll soon be able to enhance fabric with a glittering array of beads, sequins and threads.

I will show you and guide you through learning the basic tambour stitch and how to use different techniques to apply beads and sequins, framing techniques and pattern transfer.

Stage two

Now that you have learnt the basics of tambour beading you can take the next steps into further developing your skills and knowledge.  The design techniques are limitless and the applications endless.

I will guide you through the more advanced techniques of solid beadwork and tambour stitch embroidery, making motifs as well as design basics for tambour beading

Stage three

This course is for beaders who have mastered the basic techniques and want to know more.

I will show you and guide you through all that you will need to know to produce a beaded garment just as the couturiers do or how to make a motif or small project such as a bag, or a necklace. The choice is yours. If you have a  project idea of your own then I can help you to create it.

Further Information

To book your course please contact Jan using the details below.

Additional classes may be arranged if there is a tambour beading or embroidery technique that you would like to develop further.

A non-refundable deposit of £40 will be required to secure a days tuition. The balance being completed two weeks before the teaching day.

To book a day course please contact me using either the details or the form below:

Email: [email protected]
01304 242 166
Mobile phone:
07764 912 286

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