Would you like to learn tambour beading and embroidery?

If you are wondering how the tambour bead embroidery and embroidery in the photo gallery is done and would like to learn, why not come along to a class.

I have been working in the world of couture and costume for most of my career. My speciality is the art of Tambour Bead Embroidery.

You too could learn to produce stunningly glamorous tambour bead embroidery, just like you see worn by the celebrities at the Bafta Awards, the Oscars and the Cannes film festival

This type of beading and embroidery is also known as Broderie Chainette and Broderie de Lunéville, named after Lunéville in France where during the 19th century, the tambour hook, which had been used exclusively for thread embroidery was first used to apply beads and sequins.


I have created this website to encourage people to take up and keep alive this stunning art form.  Tambour bead embroidery is an amazingly creative and absorbing style of embroidery.

With a mesmerizing array of beads, sequins, embroidery threads and metallic threads available the design possibilities for tambour beading and tambour embroidery are limitless.

Whether you would like to learn tambour beading as a hobby or you want to design and make tambour beaded and tambour embroidered gowns you will find this craft completely absorbing and fulfilling.

I hope you enjoy the site and find tambour beading and tambour embroidery as captivating as I do

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